10 ways to tidy up your home like KonMari

There is a Japanese way of tidying up that comes down to finding a specific place “for leftovers” once you have completed all the other home tidying methods. This is a tried and tested method according to Japanese cleaning professional, Marie Kondo. It bears his name and is called the KonMari Method.

The KonMari method of tidying up houses is one of the simplest, yet unique, ways to eliminate clutter and organize a person’s life by tidying up their home. There are so many areas that can be ordered, be it a bedroom, the bathroom or even the kitchen. In fact, there are many other places, like your closet and garage, where you can follow these steps to sort and order. It doesn’t matter if you have an apartment or a house, you can follow these steps quite easily with a little patience and time. Yes, even you can learn them quickly once you get the hang of it.

Separate from objects

The philosophy focuses on detaching ourselves from the specific possessions to which we mentally tie ourselves. There are certain ways a person might want to clean their house or apartment, but it’s when we “bump” into those things that we have a hard time throwing them away, even if we don’t use or need them! Perhaps it is because it becomes hard work and that prevents us from wanting to clean after having accumulated so much. The next step is to detach ourselves from these mental attachments that we seem to have with various things. This, in fact, can be very difficult, mainly because we have convinced ourselves that we need to have these things. Also, the best approach to ordering your home is to start with one room at a time.

The main rule applies to everything

KonMari has a rule that applies to everything. Some of the simpler rules can also help you with tedious tasks around the house. When you collect all your things, or clean each room, you will have a lot of extra things that you did not know you had, such as: papers, pencils, books, plates, cups, clothes, … etc. .

These things seem to multiply in quantity, so KonMari came up with a simple way to “order” any place, regardless of the room in the house. You can also do so with a “yes or no” answer to this question: “Am I happy?” This simple rule can be applied to everything!

The answer to KonMari’s question

KonMari’s simple rule applies to everything you keep or dispose of. In fact, if you answer “yes” to each and every item while ordering, you will be able to solve everything more easily.

On the other hand, if you answer “no”, you discard it. Gone are those days of wondering, “Have I used this in a year?”

Here’s KonMari’s method as a step-by-step cleanup implementation, while you order.

You should immediately start cleaning or tidying up your house or apartment.

  1. Just focus on the “discard phase”, which KonMari calls the “orderly marathon.” You can make it a special event with background music, takeout and refreshments to make it an enjoyable experience as you complete your “neat marathon.”

  2. Miscellaneous items can be done first, as they are the most tedious. These include: books, papers, paper clips, sundries, trinkets, and whatever else you have on your shelves, in your drawers, and on your countertops.

  3. The next step is called the “sentimental” step that applies to those things from which, for some reason or another, you cannot deviate. These can be stuffed animals, roses, ex gifts, specific clothes … etc.

  4. Do not keep these items at the home of your friends, partner or parents. Why carry them when you can just throw them away or keep them, if you are going to need or use them?

  5. Empty your closet. Take everything out, including the hangers and all the miscellaneous things (i.e. hats, scarves, belts and hanging accessories, …)

  6. Throw ALL of these things – clothes, knickknacks, and trash you’ve collected over the years – in the center of the floor or on top of your bed.

  7. For shelving ideas, you can add 2-3 pieces of art deco like vases, framed photos, a lamp, a plant, but that’s it! No need to clutter your shelves with things that will eventually collect dust.

  8. The jars in the kitchen can hold your basics, such as: flour, sugar, and mixed coffee. You can simply place this set of basics near the counter after you’ve cleaned up the counter space by cleaning it. If you place this simple set of canisters near your kitchen sink, you will benefit from having them on hand. This goes back to the KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) technique.

  9. Simplify your life by keeping each category of things in the same place instead of scattering them all over the place. For example, you can keep all your cleaning supplies in the same place in the kitchen and the same goes for all your shoes, which are best kept in the same place in your closet.

  10. Use a cheat sheet and list the categories. As you go through the pile of things, check off the category you’ve worked on to have it removed from your list.

Go through the extra things and throw them out.

These steps tell you to “check all the items” you have. When you go through it all, you will probably have some things that you just won’t be able to answer yes or no to. Just put those items in their own box labeled with a question mark and then when you’re done sorting everything you can go back to this box and try again. This box of things is representative of the “extras” that you have accumulated over the years. Somehow, you must mentally detach yourself from these elements. When in doubt, throw it away!

Finally, try to honestly answer the main question suggested by the KonMari method. “Does it bring me joy or does it make me happy?” Decide if you feel any kind of “spark” or enthusiasm when you hold it in your hands. This is the KonMari method at its finest. The core of your cleaning and tidying method is precisely this. You will see, over time, that your place will look much more orderly.

Also, when you feel like you need to clean your home, you can also tidy it up by adding shelves if you don’t have any. Shelves work wonders for homeowners and those who live in small apartments. You can use the KonMari method with bookshelves and, at the same time, organize your living space. Fixing everything initially is the first step in the KonMari method.

For most of us, clutter builds up over time, and with these methods or steps, as KonMari suggests, you’ll be better organized. Time and patience are two of the main things that people should have when starting these types of projects. After successfully completing this project, you will see that you can do it faster and much better next time. Every time you work on it, you will find your place much more organized and orderly.

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