4 reasons to throw your bucket list on the sidewalk

So, an elderly man with a terminal diagnosis decides to run away and create great adventures before everything is over. It was a fun movie that sparked a worldwide phenomenon. People everywhere have begun to emerge from the gloom of ordinary life to “live” searching for incredible memories and making lists of adrenaline-fueled adventures to experience before they die.


I don’t have a wish list. I have never understood the rationale or inspiration behind a wish list. In fact, I guess so. You really want to feel like your life is an adventure. You want to feel brave, bold, fulfilled, fulfilled, and joyful! You plan to post photos of you having a celebratory beer with the most interesting man in the world. Yes, I understand. However, if you’re saving money and vacation days for your next bucket list excursion to feel all of that, you’re doing totally wrong. Here are four reasons to throw your bucket list on the sidewalk!

Arbitrary randomness is not “living”

Let me be clear right now. I am not against adventure. I am not casting a shadow on travel excursions. I love spontaneous moments. In full revelation, I have enjoyed quite a few adventures in my own life. I encourage you to put as much fun in your life as is humanly possible from now on and forever. If you want to jump out of a perfectly functioning plane or kayak around an iceberg, keep going as long as it is useful and meaningful to YOU. It all starts with a purpose. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Just because they do it doesn’t mean you need to jump too. Hi Mom.

Even the most arbitrary random moments in your life can have a purpose. When you live life with intention and purpose, it helps you distinguish between what is arbitrary and what is personally meaningful and satisfying to you. When you are clear about your unique life purpose, it helps you quickly decide which options will bring you the most satisfaction and unspeakable joy. You make better decisions with a purpose.

Adventure junkies are just junkies

The basic problem with being an adventure junkie is the addicted part of everything. The momentary rally and anticipation of the next hit only create a growing need to raise the stakes with more risk and excitement. Who needs it? Life is not about crazy adventures and experiences. Some of the most significant moments in life are simple and powerful moments of connection with yourself and with other people. You don’t need security equipment to connect with yourself. Life is about turning every moment into the best moment of your life. If you just feel alive in that open jeep the safari goes through, you won’t feel alive for long or very often. Without Leon.

Are you caught up in the hype? What makes that experience something that is worthy of a “wish list”? It is a sad statement of life that we work every day to allow ourselves the holidays. Why not live a life that doesn’t need an escape? What would that life be like for you?

Grand is often just a distraction

It’s not that climbing that waterfall isn’t something you should plan for. The question is what should you be doing instead? What are you avoiding by riding that raft down that jungle river? Where does your wish list turn into a deviation from the things you are trying not to deal with? It’s funny, we’d rather fly to the other side of the world to experience a connection with another human being than strike up a meaningful conversation with the neighbor on the block.

How often do we create wish list items to replace the simple and ordinary “boring” things that we could actually do every day? The best solutions to stagnation are usually the simplest. I said simple, not easy. Don’t let complexity and grandeur be the smoke and mirrors to distract you from the most meaningful and enjoyable moments in your life.

Find more happiness in the ordinary and routine

What if you could structure your daily routine to be exciting, fulfilling, and joyful? What if you could find adventure and adrenaline in the ordinary moments of your day? How much more useful would your daily life be if you existed at a higher level of happiness and joy every day? What if the wisdom you seek could be found right there in that cold slate-gray cubicle you’ve been working in for the past 12 years? What if you worked to create a daily routine that was better than any vacation adventure you could experience? You may be skeptical, but this is very possible. Pay attention to what matters to you personally. Choose to live more of your ordinary moments with unspeakable joy and throw that wish list on the sidewalk!

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