500 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Program Highlights

Yoga Teacher Training Program Highlights

The Kaivalya Yoga method 500 hour online yoga teacher training provides the same level of flexibility as other programs. But the student needs to complete the 500 hour training within one year of enrolling. The program is for advanced practitioners and has a test that must be cleared before starting. The test consists of three parts. In the first part the student has to demonstrate his previous experience in physical and mental fields through a set of practical tests. In the second part of the test students have to explain their concepts using words and explain the benefits of the teachings.

In the third part of the test students are required to write an essay on a particular theme. Students who clear this section without missing any lessons are awarded with a certificate. The 500-hour online yoga teacher program includes topics on pranayama, karma and bhakti.

Online yoga teacher training

In order to obtain certification from this program, students have to clear a final exam which consists of two sections. One section is given on basic knowledge and teaching techniques and the second on teaching philosophy and concepts. In addition to the course content, the program also includes various assignments and tests. Most of these assignments cover topics like anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and psychology.

500 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Program Highlights

The course includes six main topics which are discussed in detail in the in-depth study. The first part includes topics related to physical therapy and ergonomics. Next is a detailed look at karma and chakras. Last but not least, we have an introduction to hatha yoga and key takeaways on how to practice Hatha and Ashtanga yoga correctly.

The in-depth study has four parts and each of them gives significant information about anatomy and physiology. An introduction to kinesiology is included. Then comes the physiology and anatomy of the human body. The third part is related to practicing yoga. The fourth section looks at the ethics and professionalism of yoga teachers. Lastly, the fifth and final part looks at key takeaways on how to use the information learned in the 500 hour online yoga teacher program.

The in-depth yoga teacher program highlights on the importance of teaching and learning from master yoga teachers. It also talks about the importance of practicing correct posture and technique. It also has interesting information on the ancient principles related to yoga. Its brief introduction to the philosophy and practice of yoga is a good complement to all those things.

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