A review of the Gold’s Gym XR45

The Gold’s Gym XR45 measures 65x38x76 inches. But this is the basic measure of the team; It does not account for the extra space you need if you want to lift the sidebar from its bracket. You also need some extra room for your legs to extend when using the leg extension.

The Gold’s Gym XR45 can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds, which is small compared to others on the market. This Gold’s Gym XR45 doesn’t have a good 90 day warranty. When I think about it, I sometimes wonder why I even considered this product made with ICONS in the first place. If you’re buying something that has pulleys and cables, make sure it has a longer warranty. Ninety days does not seem to be enough and can say a lot about the quality of the product.

The Gold’s Gym XR45 also experiences shaking when you use heavy weights on it. It uses both the battery and the cable system for the weights. The stacks are placed vertically and you pull them with the cable risers depending on the weight you choose. The weights are chosen by setting the pin in the amount you want to lift. This is a good thing about the XR45 and machines that use this mechanism are more efficient in my opinion.

XR45 Features
The Gold’s Gym XR45 includes 8 weights, each weighing between 25 and 27 pounds. If you use all 8, you get a sum of 210 pounds. There are many people who do not find this enough, but you also have to consider how much you weigh, especially when using the bench press.

It also comes with a chest press or chest fly feature. This is where you can do your upper back and chest workouts. This part of the Gold’s Gym XR45 is not adjustable, which is one of the disadvantages that I can list about the machine. While this is for home use only, you will still not feel comfortable sitting backwards as it cannot be adjusted.

The Gold’s Gym XR45 has seat and back padding that are good in their own right, but one thing I didn’t like is that the seat can only be placed in an upright position. You won’t find versatility when using it as a bench if you want to do free weight workouts. However, there are many other things you can do on the machine.

There are 15 exercises you can do if you use the high pulley. You can do 40 with the bass. There is a preacher pad that makes it comfortable to do preacher curls. There is also a 4-roller leg developer that you can use for your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors. The Gold’s Gym XR45 also comes with an ankle strap that you can use in conjunction with the low pulley. There is also a side bar that you can do back and tricep work with.

For $ 500, the Gold’s Gym XR45 offers you many features. All your muscles will be exercised, but the deciding factor is the seat that cannot be adjusted and the very short warranty.

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