Are you looking for some acid reflux diet recipes?

A burning sensation in the chest caused by indigestion is called acid reflux. It is usually centered in the middle of the chest and is therefore also known as heartburn. The most serious and chronic form of acid reflux is called GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is usually misunderstood as heartburn. While one can greatly minimize the symptoms of acid reflux at home, seeing a doctor is necessary for GERD.

Now, let us learn some of the acid reflux diet recipes to cure acid reflux at home.

You can start your day with apple pancakes, stuffed apple dumplings, all-purpose pancakes, banana muffins, french toast, or buttermilk pancakes. Don’t have oily things in the morning.

To make French toast, the usual ingredients needed are eggs, sugar, salt, milk, 10-12 slices of bread, butter, and maple syrup.

However, we will use available low-fat egg substitutes instead of eggs. Instead of creamy milk, skim or low-fat milk would be preferable. Wholemeal bread would go well with your digestive disorder. Brown sugar would be preferred to regular sugar in our condition. Similarly, low-fat butter or margarine would be preferred over its more common substitute.

For lunch you can opt for salads to avoid discomfort from the rise of acids. This goes particularly for those who usually eat lunch in their offices. Greek salad, Chinese salad, noodle salad, salmon chicken salad, six bean salad, potato salad and all are good for suppressing this condition.

The technique for preparing these salads is also the same as for preparing breakfast. Take potato salad as an example. The usual ingredients in this case are potato, hard-boiled eggs, celery, onion, mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper to taste, and chopped parsley.

For it to be low in acid inducer, the differences would be low fat mayonnaise and egg substitute. Onion, mustard and pepper would also be avoided as they are acidic in nature. However, you can add other vegetables like beans and carrots to help our digestion process.

As an appetizer, in the evening, cauliflower, broccoli, English cucumbers, radishes, green and yellow squash, carrot sticks, small whole mushrooms, six bean soups, beef stew, frozen cucumber soup, spinach soup, vegetable soup mixed or any other no sour appetizer can be chosen.

And last but not least, dinner would be early, preferably two hours before bedtime. You can have baked chicken and rice, beef and vegetable stir-fry, chicken and vegetable stir-fry, sesame chicken skewers, pasta and vegetable frittata, baked broccoli and rice, cashew vegetable fried rice, beef stew, etc. . Foods such as tomato lasagna sauce are strictly prohibited. And the oils used in all of these should be low in fat.

Hopefully, the acid reflux diet recipes discussed above will help you. Also, cut back on microwave, frozen, pre-packaged and processed foods.

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