Article Content Sources for Article Writers: 7 Quick Strategies You Can Use Right Away

As the author of an article, sometimes you can only get something out of your head before having to resort to a system or a strategy on how to produce more original content.

The following are (7) types of great content sources to help you produce your next batch of 100+ original, quality articles:

Source of the content of the article n. # 1: old ezine articles

This includes your archives of articles that you submitted to your ezine for the last 10 years. If you have created multiple articles for each email newsletter issue, I recommend that you divide your old EzineArticles into single article snippets rather than multi-topic articles. If you have large ezine articles from your email newsletter archive, consider breaking them into 250-500 word chunks rather than 1,000-3,000 word articles.

Source of the content of the article n. 2: Original Old Forum Posts

If you’ve been on the Internet for some time, chances are good that you belong to some forums where you might call yourself a “resident expert.” All of your old forum posts that are over 250 words will be great new articles that you can distribute to drive more traffic and sales for your business, if not to improve your credibility.

Source of the content of the article n. 3: old blog posts

The whole point of blogging, apart from posting frequently, is that you can easily distribute your blog for others to read via the RSS reader of your choice. Due to the syndication targeting of blogs, your blog posts that are over 250 words are great articles that you can add to a longer title, add a resource box showing your blog website, and put 250- 100+ fast items in immediate distribution.

Source of the content of the article n. 4: outdated books

Are you an author who has a book that is no longer in print? If you are copyrighted, this is a great place to create hundreds of quality articles in just a few days or a week of editing.

Source of the content of the article n. 5: your current e-books

Take 10-20% of your best-selling e-book and turn it into articles designed so that the reader wants you to send them the entire e-book. You still need to offer real content value here and not skimp on or poke fun at them with ‘what they could learn if they bought your ebook’. Just keep the articles short, with bullets or small numbered lists.

Source of the content of the article n. 6: 10 or 7 main articles

Everyone likes content that they can read very quickly. Why not create top 10 lists (or any number of “top” things) related to your niche or area of ​​expertise? To get started, simply create a title like “Top 7 Leadership Strategies for Newbie Managers” and then number the list from 1 to 7. Create a subtitle for each suggestion and then make (1) paragraph describing the suggestion. You will find that they are easy to produce and produce 5-10 per day.

Source of the content of the article n. 7: Keyword Research

With Google Suggest ( or any keyword research tool, you can enter keywords related to your niche and discover topics that people are currently searching for and what they are related to your experience. Use this as a stepping stone to launch another 25 articles that are 250-450 words each related to answering or provide short tips on how to solve or get more of the keywords they searched for. Example: “Yoga” when entered into Google Suggest tells me that I should write articles on “Yoga Magazines or Journals” and on the proper form or different types of “Yoga Postures”.

PS: Would you be surprised if I told you that this very article was created from a compilation of blog posts that I created over the past 2 months? I just joined relevant blog posts until I had a new article that delivered a single thematic message … and YOU CAN DO IT TOO! 🙂

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