Evernote for Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

I have conscientiously struggled to start organizing my network marketing appointments, my leads and notes, and future blog posts in Evernote. Evernote’s learning curve isn’t that great, but it takes time to organize and get things in place. If you’re not currently using Evernote, you may want to sign up, download the app, and give it a try. I’m going to summarize my top 5 features that I’m playing with to see if I can turn them into a science.

Oh, and another thing I really like is the fact that you can create local or synced notes and settings in case something happens in Evernote or on my PC, all my data can be stored in the “Cloud” or locally on my PC. Below is a screenshot on how to choose your NOTE locally or synced on the Evernote servers.

Here are my top 3 features:

1. Notebooks: They are what I call a collection of separate notes that you have written. From what I understand, you can just have one laptop and throw everything in that laptop, but that’s like having a trash bin at home and throwing everything in it. (I had a garbage closet when I was a teenager) .. Trust me, you don’t want that. Organize your different topics in your own Notebook.

2. Stacks: I assume these are collections of Notebooks. Confusing already? But think of it as a pile of papers on your desk. You have them all organized as your “Lead” stack and your “Business Partner” stack. Was that clearly communicated? Hope you see where I was going with that.

3. Tags: this speaks for itself, you can tag different notes so you can identify and organize them as you add more and more content to Evernote.

I am still learning this system and how to configure it, so I am confident that I will become more proficient as the weeks and months go by. However, if you’ve ever wanted to start organizing your data and making sure it’s safe, you should look into Evernote. Also, if you don’t have a mailbox, you should take a look at it as well.

Question: Have you been using Evernote? If so, can you share some tips with me in the comments below?

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