Evolution Prenatal Yoga Review – Evolving Pregnancy

Evolution Prenatal Yoga Review

Evolving Pregnancy is a comprehensive guide for expecting mothers to help them through the natural birth process, which is facilitated by a skilled yoga teacher. “Empowering couples on their own journey to being parents. We are always open with an full range of in-person and online prenatal classes, childbirth education, and doula services, as well as baby/kids yoga.”

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Online

I’d been looking for a good yoga book since I was pregnant and found this book to be a very good resource. It breaks down what you need to know when it comes to labor and birth. It talks about breathing techniques, how to get ready for birth, what to eat before labor starts and after birth, how to get exercise during the labor and birth process, and even how to overcome contractions. The exercises that are included are great and stress relief and tension easing. The book does a good job of describing the process of getting pregnant, giving you tools to avoid some common problems, and gives you different techniques for contractions that work really well.

What I like about Evolution Prenatal Yoga is that the exercises are not that difficult to learn and do well for most expectant mothers. My son was born while I was doing the breathing exercises. I felt a little like Hatha yoga in a way, but at the time I felt OK because I’m used to breathing. The book also talks about what foods and liquids are best to take during your pregnancy, how to get exercise and keep fit during your pregnancy, and how to overcome stress. These are all things I’ve also discussed with my doctors and nurses, and know about well.

Evolution Prenatal Yoga Review – Evolving Pregnancy

Overall, I’m very happy with this book and the selection of books available from her company. I like that she’s created a whole eBook dedicated to this type of yoga which is a big plus since we practice this type of yoga regularly and tend to go a bit off track from our normal routine. I’m looking forward to trying some of her other books.

For someone who’s just starting out or doesn’t know a lot about this subject, I’d recommend buying one of the individual books from Evolution Prenatal Yoga. However, if you’re an expectant mother who’s done it all (or plan to) I recommend picking up one of the books on tape, such as the prenatal program. If you’re doing one of the poses in the tape, make sure you read the instructions carefully. That way you’ll know exactly how to do it and be doing it correctly!

The videos in the book are excellent too. My only concern was knowing whether I could get the same benefits from the videos since I hadn’t done prenatal yoga before. Fortunately I was able to do so. The videos helped me keep up with my breathing and stretching and that allowed me to feel the same results as when I first began. Evolution Prenatal Yoga has definitely attracted me to it because it seems to offer a more complete experience.

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