Flying Monkey Delta 8 Radio Controlled Helicopter – A Review of This Product

Flying Monkey Delta 8 Radio Controlled Helicopter

The flying monkey Delta, is currently one of the best all around ultralight recreational vehicles. This vehicle was designed by Bill Shepherd and is well worth checking out. There are plenty of reviews on it in various online forums and you can find many stories and opinions about it. I have been following this product since it was first released and I must say that it is great. The ability to roll the vehicle easily from one side to another makes it so much more enjoyable than some other designs on the market.

The ability for the person driving to roll the aircraft without need of assistance, makes this vehicle so much better than its competitors. Some other designs, just cannot do this seamlessly. It also has a great carrying bag, which makes it very easy to transport.

Flying monkey delta 8

So how does this flying bar handle? The flying bar is actually two separate parts. The bottom part contains foam which provides the carrying capability. On top of that there is a nylon flying strap attached to the bottom of the bar. The two main pieces are then connected with a hook to the top of the aircraft. This combination of features is what makes the flying monkey so comfortable and light.

A Review of This Product

In order for you to get the maximum flying time possible with the Delta, it is recommended that you have an empty bladder capacity of 400 gallons. It is also very important that you purchase a soft foam bar cushion. This will help you achieve the maximum flying comfort and ease. Most models come with an automatic pilot and a remote control.

All that is required is that you place the remote into the slot and put in the required amount of fuel. Then all you have to do is push the button on the remote and away you go! With the exception of one minor thing, everything works very smoothly and you can leave knowing that you had a very successful flying experience.

So if you are thinking of purchasing this or any other radio controlled plane for yourself or for your kids, look no further than the Flying Monkey Delta series. These air-planes are both easy to operate and very entertaining to watch. They do not take up too much space either, so they are perfect for apartments or even in your living room. If you want to fly with precision and ease, you should definitely consider these models!

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