How to frame sports jerseys

Many people who find it interesting to collect sports shirts would have already had the idea of ​​putting them in frames and using them as wall art. It’s a great way to make the house you live in “your home.” Walking with him and looking at the jerseys of all your favorite teams, remembering the games you’ve been to and the fun you’ve had with your friends is a great way to lift your mood if you’re feeling down.

It is well known that there are more and more sports fans and not only they collect volleyball, soccer, basketball jerseys, etc. It is actually one of the most collectible examples. Aside from the reason already outlined, having sports jerseys can be really profitable as you never know what to expect from the future. One day you may wake up to see that there is a million dollars, for example, hanging on your wall.

So the question is how to actually put the shirt in the frame. Fortunately today there are many companies that produce the necessary hardware that you will need to complete this process. There are also different framing systems that are unique to different sports jerseys.

So the first thing to know is that the most commonly used frame types are shadow box frames. They are highly preferred when it comes to displaying sports jerseys. The reason for this is that what they really are is just a three-dimensional housing that lets light pass only through one angle. That does not let the jersey and clothing that is sensitive to light get damaged to pass out. Also, there are many retailers that offer special UV protection glasses, which is exactly what a person would need to avoid really valuable t-shirts. You can buy these boxes in a special frame store or simply online.

Once you have the necessary frame, you will need to carefully iron the jersey and then fold it to better display the team emblem, player number, or any other important feature. By doing so, you will make sure you get everything right and you won’t have to repair your work after a certain amount of time.

In case you are concerned that the shirt is not really safe in the box, some professionals offer you to use a needle and thread. You will need them to sew the shirt to the backing board. Of course, that is done very, very carefully. Otherwise, the shirt could end up really damaged.

Here’s how you can frame your valuable sports jersey using a shadow box frame.

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