Lemon Laws and Your Dodge 6.7L Cummins Diesel Vehicle

Several Dodge truck owners are aggravated by frequent mechanical problems related to the new technology used in these vehicles. Vehicles affected include Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins 6.7 diesel trucks for 2007 through 2010 and Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins 6.7 diesel trucks for the same years. Several product defect law firms have received requests from owners of these vehicles, requesting assistance and legal representation. Problems experienced include lockup, an engine check light that stays on, and many other issues reported by owners of these vehicles.

Dodge RAM trucks that come equipped with the 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel engine have caused major headaches for Chrysler, due to defects and necessary repairs on the 2007-2010 model years. A frequent complaint is that the check light The engine starts without any cause. and the owner ends up taking the vehicle to the dealer for repair under the vehicle warranty. Common problems that dealers see include transmission problems, fire hazards in the engine compartment area, faulty computer controls for the engine, problems with emissions systems, and even problems with turbo components.

There have been a number of technical service bulletins issued by Dodge due to problems with this engine control software, and also some about soot build-up on the turbocharger that is excessive and can result in issues with the vehicle’s emissions. There are lemon laws in effect under Product Defect Liability laws, and if you are the owner of a 2007-2010 Dodge Ram 2500 or Dodge Ram 3500 with a Cummins diesel engine and have had trouble with your vehicle then you may be entitled to receive cash. compensation. Also, there are experienced attorneys who will take your case on a contingent basis, which means that the attorney only receives payment if you receive financial compensation.

Dodge issued a Fire Recall Alert for 2007 and 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 and Dodge Ram 3500 trucks with Cummins diesel engines. The company received fourteen reports of fires that started in the engine compartment. These fires were caused by the material used for sound insulation that warped and came into contact with the diesel engine’s EGR cooler. The solution to this problem is a simple support installation. This recall notice covered more than 100,000 vehicles. Another recall of Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks equipped with a 6.7L diesel engine for model years 2007, 2008 and 2009 was issued by Chrysler due to emissions, and this was the Chrysler J35 Letter emissions recall. . This specific problem affected the engine control module and the solution was to reprogram this module at a dealer facility.

If you own one of these vehicles and have experienced any of these or other problems, you should call a lemon law attorney as soon as possible. If your vehicle experienced problems due to a product defect, then you may be eligible for monetary compensation for all of your time, hassle, and expenses. Chrysler Group, LLC is the defendant in a class action lawsuit that began in January 2010, and you may have the right to be included in the group if you own one of the affected trucks. Unless you contact an attorney with experience in product defect law, you may not even realize that you have a case. There is no charge if you do not recover, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. An experienced attorney can help you get the money you deserve, with no risk involved.

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