Linear Income vs. Exponential Income Growth

When you focus only on increasing your value per hour and the time you spend, your income increases linearly.

There is a limit to how much you can earn per month, as there is a limit to the number of productive hours you can work. You are literally selling your time for money.

For example, even if you are a top attorney making $300 an hour and can only work a maximum of 180 hours a month, your maximum earnings would still only be $54,000 a month or $648,000 a year. Now you can tell me, ‘Adam, that’s not bad at all!’ Sure, but why put a ceiling on his purchasing power?

However, if the lawyer were to use the power of scalability by magnifying and multiplying their value (legal advice), they could earn five to a hundred times as much in that same twenty-four hour period.

Scalability is what separates the upper-middle income and rich from the truly super-rich. Scalability explains why someone can earn 100 times more money in twenty-four hours than anyone else.

Many people have the perception that you can only achieve scalability when you are a singer, movie star, sports star, or a famous celebrity. Absolutely not!

You can achieve massive magnification or multiplication in any profession, whether you are a chef, a garbage collector, a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, or a software programmer.

When you fully utilize the power of (value x time x scalability), your wealth will grow exponentially. Let me give you examples of people who have created massive wealth as a result of understanding the power of this formula.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Colonel Harland Sanders. It’s the portly South American ‘gentleman,’ the life-size statue that stands in front of every Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet to greet customers.

Of course, Colonel Sanders is a billionaire many times over, but did you know that before KFC, Colonel Sanders found himself at 65 years old utterly broke with nothing more than a $105 social security check?

But in less than ten years, at age 73, he had become a self-made billionaire and a household name! How did you achieve this? Being one of the first people in the world to understand the power of multiplication!

Colonel Sander’s tremendous value came from his ability to innovate great-tasting chicken that people love to eat. How? Developing his secret blend of eleven herbs and spices and insisting that all of his chicken be pressure-cooked for hours, something most other chefs were unwilling to do.

In fact, Sanders was so insistent on the superiority of his recipe that he refused to sacrifice flavor by cooking his chicken faster. He remembers, when you do something out of passion, do more than expected and think about the value you give to others, money will come naturally.

Initially, however, Colonel Sanders, though he worked day and night selling his delicious chicken at his restaurant in Corby, Kentucky, never became rich. Why? He had the power of (value x time), but lacked the scalability factor.

In fact, it was a twist of fate that caused the Colonel to think about how he could greatly increase his value. One fateful day, the government built a highway that diverted all the hungry motorists away from their business. As a result, Sanders was forced to close the business and that’s how he found himself broke at age 65.

Rather than give up, he came up with the fantastic idea of ​​reaching out to restaurant owners across the country to offer his secret recipe for them to use. In return, he would get a percentage of the profit for each chicken they sold.

Within a few years, restaurants across the country were selling thousands of chickens every day, using his recipe!

Through his franchise concept, he received thousands of dollars in checks each month. As a result, he multiplied its value a millionth times, and at age 73, he was able to sell his business for $2 million. He remembers that this was in 1963 and that it was a large sum of money (equivalent to over $10 million today).

You see, when you scale your value, your wealth and success will increase exponentially! Think of ways you can scale your value immediately!

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