Obedience training for dogs and puppies can be fun

Dog Obedience Training: All dogs can be obedience trained. More than half the problem is you and the belief that you cannot teach your dog obedience. This is not true, you can train your dog to be obedient with a little knowledge and time. Things to keep in mind are the time commitment; he should set aside ten minutes two or three times a day. Obedience is continuous as your dog never stops learning.

It is important that you have a trusting relationship with your dog. All obedience has to be fun. Remember that your dog will love spending time with you and it is rewarding for both of you. The long-term rewards are that others see you and your dog working well together. You can start the training with the basic “sit” or “stay” building commands to direct the work, then with directional commands like left and right.

Obedience also increases your and your dog’s confidence, along with security in all kinds of situations. It takes time to get the level of training you want from your dog. You’ll also have the odd problem along the way, but as soon as you see your dog getting bored or aggressive, switch your dog’s attention to something else he’s good at, like executing familiar commands, giving plenty of praise while complete the given command.

Never put too much pressure on your dog, short happy lessons work very well and make both owner and dog happy. Always stay calm and never yell, often in the next lesson or the one after that things will fall into place for your dog and you will have learned a new skill. End the session on a positive note, with praise.

You need some equipment, the most basic being a good collar and leash that are up to the job required. Always get the best you can afford as you will be using this equipment all the time and it must be up to the task required.

Take time to choose an obedience method that suits you and the dog, this may include the breed of the dog. Choose wisely as you will be using this method for a long time. The tips to think about are, keep it fun, keep it uncomplicated, and keep it little and often.

There are obedience classes, and if they are held in your area, you should stop by just to see how the classes go without your dog.

This will give you an idea of ​​whether it is right for both of you. Does the class go at a pace for you?
Are the dogs you see in the class happy?
Are the other owners happy with the class?
Does the class follow a program that you can reinforce at home?
How big are the classes and is the trainer able to control and help everyone in attendance, both dog and owners?

If you have one in your area and can afford it, there are personal obedience trainers who will come to you and work one on one. By saying that there is nothing wrong with doing the training yourself, it strengthens the bond between dog and owner. A well-trained obedience dog is a complete pleasure and can be proudly taken anywhere.

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