Phone chat vs online dating vs text dating

So if you are single and looking to meet someone, what is the best way to get a date in this day and age? Well, having worked for quite some time in the dating industry, I have dealt with a number of services involving chat lines, online dating, and various text dating mobile apps. So which one is the best I hear you ask?

Well, from what I’ve seen, they’re all very different in their offerings. From my observations, I have seen that they all work in their own way in terms of getting in touch with singles, but if you want anything to come of it, you will have to do the legwork, don’t wait for the mountain to come to Muhammad.

Let’s start with phone chat lines, these are basically the equivalent of online chat rooms but on your phone. Basically, you call the service and record a greeting and an introduction message about yourself. Once this is moderated, it moves on to the service for all to hear. You can then browse the service and select the profiles you like and send them a message or request a 121 live chat with them. Of course, this service is completely anonymous and we always discourage callers from giving out personal information. As you can see, this service is heavy on the chat side and dating is a bit more difficult to pull off, but it’s not out of the question. I have come across people who have gotten married after chatting with someone on a chat line. One of the best things about this type of dating is that the services are relatively cheap to call, with most now operating at a rate of 10 cents per minute, so all you need is your phone.

Online dating is a different kettle of tea and has changed over the years to become an acceptable way to get a date. There are a million dating sites that are trying to offer something a little different. There are generals designed for everyone, mature, adults, uniformed and places out there for people who like horses!… say no more. The most important thing in online dating is to create a good personal profile. Unlike phone chat with online dating, you have more time and space to add information about yourself, so make sure you’ve added a good picture of yourself and write a paragraph or two about yourself, what you like and what what are you looking for. These days, you can go the extra mile by also adding a video of yourself. With online dating, most of the interaction will be through messages and emails before you even pick up the phone to talk to them. You can create lists of your favorite profiles and start narrowing them down to the ones you really like. In general, online dating offers a number of great features that are designed to make getting a date much easier: with phone chat it goes back to basics and boils down to good old-fashioned conversation, whereas with Online dating can be dressed up to be like a well-designed book cover with a nice picture and blurb that draws passers-by, but you’ll have to dig a little deeper to get the real details.

So what about text dating on your mobile? Well, this is probably one of the easiest methods to interact with another person, but possibly the most difficult to achieve the ultimate goal of getting a date. Just like phone chat, you create a profile of yourself, ie name, age, location, age of the people you want to meet. Matches will then be sent directly to your mobile phone, which can then send you a message if any of these appeal to you. Typically you are charged per message you receive depending on which service you are on. These days most services have a feature where you can upload and download images, so this helps a lot when you are chatting with someone on the service. People use SMS a lot nowadays, and therefore this type of service generally attracts people who are constantly on the go and don’t have much time to find a partner. It basically depends on personal preference, so if this works for you, stick with it.

What’s next in the dating industry in terms of technology: video chat and dating is already available, although these days many people are a little hesitant to see the person on the other end of the phone or computer. As usual, the adult industry is leading the way in introducing you to new ways to interact with people and you will find there some video chat services that are already being used. Online virtual worlds are another option. I mean, why go to the pub when you can go to the virtual pub and chat with someone?

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