Sochita Sal – A Social Media Phenomenon

A Social Media Phenomenon

Sochita Sal, also known by her stage name Honey Cocaine or Honey C, is an American female rap artist, rapping artist, and singer. Her trademark song is called “Honey Cocaine” and was recorded by producers Don Henley and Phil Collins. She is the daughter of well-known Canadian rapper P Diddy.

Honey Cocaine is one of several members of the Toronto based group The Dynasty. She released her first solo album Honey Cocaine in 2021. She has since been featured in other notable hip-hop and rap songs, including the chart topping “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” by Teiouz. She has been praised for her unique lyrical style and memorable hooks. In fact, her music has been compared to Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears, among others.

So what does this track really sound like? So I took a listen and was shocked with the incredibly catchy hook, which is fast becoming Sochita Sal’s trademark. I’ve heard this song being played at clubs since it’s release, but only after someone I know downloaded it onto their phone and listened to it on an iPod. The beat is very distorted, with some very dark and deep chanting. However, the real draw to Honey Cocaine is Sochita’s voice, which is sweet and soulful, almost reminiscent of Leona Lewis’ old voice.

Sochita Sal – A Social Media Phenomenon

As of the writing of this article, Sochita Sal is currently on tour with Disclosure and has released a handful of singles since then. With her popularity is growing, she’s signed to Diplo and has released singles with her former band-mates from Define Her. I’m expecting many more singles to be dropped in the near future. She has also released a handful of singles on her own label, which you can purchase on iTunes.

Of course, one of the most interesting things about Sochita’s sudden fame is the amount of followers she has on twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. I’ll admit, when I first heard of her, I was a little curious as to how well her voice would fit on a tiny platform. Well, her voice sounds fantastic on twitter, but she also has quite a few followers on Facebook, who probably aren’t aware of it. If someone mentions Honey Cocaine on Facebook, there will actually be a pop up option to show all of her latest singles, as well as a “MAIL US” option to send them a private message. I can only imagine the amount of attention that she’ll receive from all of her fans.

In summary, Sochita Sal is an up and coming artist from Canada who is quickly becoming known as one of the leading twitter rappers. One of her singles “Paparazzi” was recently featured on air on Australia’s Triple J, as well as featuring on her track with fellow rappers Akon and Diplo. If you’re not already following her on twitter, you should be, because she makes some great songs, and provides lots of entertaining twitter material. As her popularity grows, we should expect many more songs from this talented singer/rapper.

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