Stay informed: use your 5 senses wisely. Nature will embrace your presence of mind with joy!

*** Stay informed as you introduce yourself to the collective souls of the universe. Notice how your soul’s awareness rises… Introduce, clarify and value your many talents and keen abilities. You owe it to yourself to do it every day! Start something new…

Give yourself the attention you need to breathe.

Give yourself a gift or give yourself generously: your presence of mind is a wonderful state of clarity. Do this, from the moment you open your eyes and get up at dawn. I hope you had a restful sleep and are ready to focus your energy!

With each day comes a new dawn-

The new presence comes in many forms, or in the form of many gifts and new beginnings.

Receive the gift of conscious awareness, pay deliberate attention to your surroundings.

Live in deep appreciation.

Begin with eager anticipation, increase your capacity by contributing to the joys of life that require you to allow and authorize action.

Authorizing joy on earth is what you and I are alive for…

Start by paying attention to your 5 senses.

Delight your senses with daily inspiration.

Listen to the sounds of lighting. Sounds abound, everywhere, in songs, melodies, harmonies, or even in the sweet chirping of little birds on its periphery.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of it all!

Drink in the light of the moon or the rays of the sun.

Take a few deep breaths of fresh, crisp, clean air at dusk, dawn, and throughout the day.

Gravitate into another one of your amazing life-enhancing senses.

Enjoy relaxing aromas. Breathe in the sweet scent of gardenias, roses, or cacti blossoms, their calming scents gliding by, guided by the illumination of the sun as you open your front door from your kitchen window, front door, or balcony. Look at the universe, it’s looking at you!

Inhale what is naturally yours. The fresh air was given to you for free. NO single man owns the air we breathe, nor the elements we see.

These were given to us unconditionally by the Most High Father-Abba.

With daylight it’s late afternoon, then comes misty dawn before morning comes.

It dawns and the morning begins.. The morning dew, fresh air, and bright sun are eagerly waiting to greet you! They are extending an invitation to you to embrace them with the sweetness of your smile on your face.- ARE YOU READY TO START?

Appreciate your garden. See the tones and shades. Smell the inspiring perfumes of earthly scents and aromatic scents. All the soothing scents catch your eye. Scents were always designed and created to soothe your soul, with your health in mind, commanding you to participate in daily life, as you already know.

It is so relaxing to embrace nature! Nature does not make excuses, does not tell stories, does not admonish or resist receiving its gracious embrace of constant appreciation.

It all starts with your daily drink with the sweet, invigorating or relaxing aroma of freshly brewed aromatic coffee or tea. A popular way to celebrate your awesome and tempting morning routine, once the elixir is made, the day has begun!

Listen to the soft, rolling, rumbling and trickling drops of the dancing water. Crystal clear water, infused by heat, turns into steam and a hot fluid is released: Ready to serve you!

What started as water is now ready to release the aromatic, scented and soothing droplets of your favorite imported coffee, or wonderfully enhanced and fragrant English, herbal or specialty hot tea. Observe the process of trickling clear water droplets that created a metamorphosis, from a clear fluid to a vibrant color or slightly tan hue. As it is eagerly and eagerly ready to infuse your favorite flavors and aromas. Your coveted breakfast drink redeemed and is now ready to alert and reinvigorate your energy…

Feel compassion and empower self-understanding to come to the forefront of your thoughts and dreams. With the morning comes the death of the previous day, the end of darkness, and a new day that dawns enlightenment for you to cherish. Take the time to appreciate the beginning of a promise for a new beginning.

Keep up the good work, it is your brave way of living that is making the planet a better place for you and me and everyone else who is alive and doing well.!

That said, I believe that courage, openly demonstrated, is for the betterment of our friends, family, and for society, collectively. is what is going to get our world out of this mess that we can experience our life on earth…

We show our intentions MORE BY OUR ACTIONS than by ANYTHING ELSE that can be said or done.

What you say is sometimes less important than what you do!

It takes courage to be you!

Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to read this article and read little nuggets of thought recycled into useful and useful tips to help in life…

***I enjoy learning from you and others offering me knowledge continuously!~

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