The alpha male scent that makes you notice

There is always something about men that never fails to make me smile. They love the smell of it. It is as if what you smell is the totality of what your whole being is about. So the type of fragrance or scent a man wears truly and completely defines him and they better choose well as women always say they care a lot about how their men smell. So I think this makes men go crazy with fragrances.

Scents, perfumes, fragrances, no matter what you call it, it gives a man an edge and, as a man, increases his confidence. Perfumes have become a man’s best friend. They want to feel everywhere and they want people to notice their presence when they enter a room. All alpha males have something to offer and that is their confidence. Smelling good when you need to smell good makes it even more prudent to be at your best.

A perfume is the most sought after item for all men who follow the trend and love to make a statement. It is a signature that sets them apart and leaves a great mark even after they are gone. As an alpha male, choosing the fragrance that works for you must be made carefully. You must trust your senses and let them guide you.

There are a few scents that always make an alpha male feel good about himself and these include the following:

YARDLEY 442 Pace: It has a freshness that comes with a pure blend of citrus and spices and added a hint of fruity aromas. This fragrance is a modern take on the classics and has a sophistication that is irresistible.

HILFIGER: This is a brand that always makes its way into every man’s closet. This one has clean fresh notes and spicy sandalwood. This scent is perfect for alpha males who are inclined to the great outdoors.

EXTREME EDT: This is a Tom Ford perfume. It is sexy and smoky. It has woody spicy notes of musk, black pepper, and even a hint of tobacco leaf.

MONACO II Men: It is a perfect blend of lime and geranium with a warmth that makes everything smell perfect. It’s my favorite so far.

The last one is DIOR Homme Sport EDT: it offers a delicious fresh lemon scent with rosemary and a hint of cedar wood. All these smells are what make you stand out from the crowd, take a higher drink.

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