The Origins of the Puggle – Where Do Puggles Come From?

The Puggle is a fairly new breed on the scene and is not actually a purebred dog, but rather a hybrid of a beagle and a pug. The Puggle started the crossbreed “designer dog” revolution. Puggles were first bred in the 1980s in the state of Wisconsin by Wallace Havens, a dog breeder. He was very familiar with both Pugs and Beagles and believed that the main characteristics and traits of both dog breeds were extremely desirable and, if combined, they would make an excellent family pet. When the first litter was born, no one could resist the combination of drooping dog ears, wrinkled foreheads, and extremely large, expressive eyes. Havens created the name “Puggle” and registered the new hybrid breed with the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Like the Pug, the Puggle is known for its enthusiastic personality. The Puggle is extremely full of life and energy, but is also content to snuggle up in bed or on the couch, or lie in the sun all day taking a few rays. Puggles make excellent companion dogs and are known to be extremely loyal to their owners. They are filled with nothing but love and affection and are always demanding that someone pay attention to them and play with them.

Many like Puggles because they are extremely perceptive dogs. They understand your family’s daily routine, including your usual habits. If something you do is not “on schedule”, don’t be surprised if they give a confused look and often bark in protest at any changes. If a Puggle feels that his master is upset, he will seek to comfort him by snuggling up against him and making him happy. Puggles, like beagles, are extremely protective of their family and their owner. If they sense any kind of danger, including an intruder, they will immediately start alerting the family to this.

Although a Puggle is known for its large appetite, it is not very picky about the food you put in front of it. Don’t be surprised if your Puggle is always very hungry and is constantly begging for food. However, due to this reason that they never feel full, it is extremely important to monitor your Puggle’s daily food intake to ensure that he is not overweight.

Since the Puggle is a mixture of two breeds, their physical characteristics will be different. A Puggle will not have the breathing difficulties associated with Pugs because their muzzle is much longer. Puggles are also known to develop the agility and stamina of a Beagle. Most Puggles are tan in color and don’t require much grooming. However, they tend to shed in the fall and spring months, so you’ll need to brush their fur in an effort to minimize shedding. Due to the fact that the Puggle is a hybrid, some Puggles have more Beagle-like characteristics and some have more Pug-like characteristics, it really relies on mastering certain genes from the parents when breeding this designer dog. .

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