Top 6 interior design tips from a leading architecture firm

The saying that the smallest changes have the biggest impact is undeniably true, even more so when it comes to interior design. A mirror here, a painting there, or a plant nearby can bring a whole new look to the same four walls. It doesn’t matter if the house is new, old or you just moved in; A few interior design tricks can give any home fresh air.

One of the leading architects in Chennai recommends some tips to redesign an apartment without putting a burden on your pocket.

  • Choose pastels and light shades.

The downside of living in a metropolitan city like Chennai is the lack of space, which means houses and apartments are getting smaller and smaller. Tiny rooms have the downside of feeling claustrophobic and cramped. A manageable trick to give the illusion of space is to use light colors to paint. In addition to creating this visual impression, try adding mirrors that face the windows. The reflection of natural light will turn any room into a magically massive place.

For those who have houses with large rooms, try using darker shades on the walls. It will give you a more cozy and intimate look.

  • Mirrors do more than just reflect light.

Yes, mirrors can make a room appear larger than it is, but they’re also brilliant ways to remodel a home. Instead of an average frame, choose a decorative and ornate one and hang the mirror on an empty wall. The frames will give the same impression as a painting or art object. Another idea is to combine small mirrors of different dimensions and make a work of art with them.

  • Fusion is in fashion.

From patterns to colors, from art to decoration, what is fashionable in the interiors of the houses is to mix. Most abodes have a plethora of items hidden somewhere. The idea is to get those family heirlooms or flea market finds out and put them on display in all their glory. Remember that a residence is a reflection of the person who lives in it. So, don’t be afraid to place an old grandfather clock next to a contemporary Ikea sofa, if you like.

Take the concept to the next level by stacking patterns on patterns. Mix a sofa upholstered in geometric material with a cushion with an abstract design. Throw in cushions and rugs in subtly changing hues to bring warmth to the living space.

  • Slipcovers can work wonders.

A simple, inexpensive and beautiful way to transform a house is slipcovers. Without spending much, the entire character of the furniture can be modified with slipcovers. Furthermore, they ensure that not a single concern of damaging, dirtying or destroying the precious fabric enters your head. In a home that is occupied by children, furniture covers should be the way to redecorate. The only condition is to choose a more comfortable and casual style instead of a sophisticated and chic one.

  • Natural material shoes for victory.

Storage space is always running out in a home, especially those with children. A budget strategy to this conundrum that also brings a touch of sophistication is baskets made from natural material like wicker. They can be used to store toys, games, books, towels, etc. The organic touch and warm tone of the sneakers weave a modest look. In addition, they can also be used in the kitchen to store fruits and vegetables. The icing on the cake is its sustainability!

  • Being eco-conscious is the best option.

With the much-needed buzz about climate change, it’s about time homeowners start taking greener steps to renovate their living spaces. The easiest method, according to designers, is to add plants to a house. They help renew the area while helping to keep the planet healthier. Small plants weigh nothing in the pocket, plus they add color and texture to the most bland rooms.

Another advantage is that they balance air and moisture in the space they are kept in and can be used for small or large areas of the floor!

One last idea for home decoration:

Architectural firms in Chennai say that families always have a few possessions that are kept in boxes and never looked at again. Still, when it comes time to redecorate, they look for more new items. His advice is: stop running to the mall, take a good look at what’s already there. The side tables can be reformed to make bedside tables. Old coffee trays can be stored on the dining room table for an added dimension. The trunks can be used as shelves. Old plates can be hung on the walls.

The list of ideas and inspirations is endless when it comes to remodeling home interiors, and most of them don’t need a lot of time or investment!

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