Types of Liposuction Cannulas

Liposuction Cannulas

There are many different types of liposuction cannula available. Some of the most common include the Harvesting Cannula, the Fat Grafting Cannula, the Fat Injecting Cannula, and the Aluminum Handle Cannula. There are also many different kinds of Luer Lock Cannulas. Depending on the procedure you plan to perform, you may want to consider the type of cannula that is right for you.

liposuction cannulas

The finesse microcannula is an example of a cannula with two in-line oblong slots at the distal end and spatula-like tip. The design was motivated by simplicity and ease of fabrication. This is an excellent option for the arm and hand liposuction. Several liposuction cannula companies make this type of cannula.

The 16-gauge microcannula is best used for areas of excessive fibrous tissue. Some areas are naturally more fibrous than others, or previous liposuction has left them too thick. The 16-gauge microcannulla can easily penetrate fibrous septae and create multiple fenestrations through the tissue. This makes it the ideal cannula for delicate and painful areas.

Types of Liposuction Cannulas

The 17-gauge microcannula is smaller and more flexible, allowing for finer control of fat removal. These cannulas are used for areas where minimal fat is present and small liponots are present. The luer-lock microcannulas are the most commonly used for the arm. Infiltration cannulas are the most common types of cannulas for fat transfer.

Microcannulas are ideal for liposuction. Unlike traditional plastic surgery cannulas, the Finesse microcannula is designed to minimize damage to the deep dermis. Aside from the finesse microcannula, the Vitruvian manual Liposuction cannula is the most common cannula used for breast fat removal.

Aside from microcannulas, a microcannula is made of stainless steel. Its outer diameter is one to three millimeters. These cannulas are generally more efficient than other types of cannulas. For smaller areas, the 16-gauge cannula is the best option. The smallest cannulas are used for arm liposuction.

The diameter of a liposuction cannula can be 8 mm or 24 French. The latter is often used for a patient with a smaller-sized breast. These cannulas can be used for both cosmetic and gynecological procedures. During a liposuction, a surgeon should use a microcannula that is suitable for the patient’s condition.

The Capistrano microcannulas minimize the force required to push the cannula through fatty tissue. It also protects the surgeon’s elbow from chronic stress caused by the cannula. But, it is possible to use a conventional liposuction cannula without a surgeon’s training. In addition, the Microcannulas are flexible enough to be used in other situations.

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