Warhammer Online Gold Guide: How To Get Rich For War

Everyone knows that Warhammer Online is an MMO focused on PvP, with “war” being at home in this complex fantasy universe. But whether you choose your path as one of the greenskin “choppa boyz”, an “evul” goblin shaman wielding the power of the “waaagh” or one of the more sneaky witch hunters, gold will always be a thorny problem. I learned about it from the first day I ventured into this new world, walking around with empty pockets. After doing some research, I found a solution to my problem, a Warhammer Online gold guide.

The Warhammer Online Gold Guide that I have contains a lot of powerful information. By the time I hit the level cap with my main character, he was filthy rich. This, however, made me feel a bit guilty, therefore I will share with all fellow WAR adventurers some insights that I have learned from this excellent Warhammer Online Gold Guide.

Warhammer Online Gold Guide: Tips To Maximize Your Farming

Since this Warhammer Online Gold Guide reveals the best places for farming in the game, the tips I’m going to share now pertain only to farming by grinding.

  • Before starting a farming session, make sure you have some potion buffs on your character. You must improve your damage stats to kill mobs as quickly as possible. Also, if you have health regeneration potions, take them with you, because kills are very time consuming.
  • If your character benefits from AoE spells or abilities, respect them and upgrade them to the maximum. Killing the mobs for AoE will grant a large amount of loot for each pull, and implicitly, a greater amount of money than if the mobs are killed one by one.
  • Always kill humanoids. They always drop coins and the chances of them dropping rare or very rare gear are higher than for other types of mobs. However, this Warhammer online gold guide that I use has covered the best places with Warhammer humanoids, with a high spawn rate.
  • Don’t chase mobs involved in public missions unless you have a good group. If you are alone, after finishing the first phase of the mission, normal mobs will be replaced by very difficult champions to kill. Even if you complete the second stage on your own, it will take a long time and you will have to wait for the third stage of the mission to expire to restart with normal mobs in phase one.
  • Last but not least, before leaving a settlement area for a growing place, be sure to clear the character’s inventory, to have all the cells in their bags clear, so that you can loot as many items as possible.

Warhammer Online Gold Guide: Auction House Secrets

Another way to earn some Warhammer Online gold is to buy cheaply and resell certain “gifts” at the Auction House for higher prices. Usually, I buy all the seeds for a certain skill level, when players auction them at very low prices and increase the prices up to 10 times, creating a monopoly at the same time. Players usually buy them even at high prices because the seeds, especially the green ones, are necessary to increase cultivation skill and are sometimes really hard to find. This technique that I have learned from the Warhammer Online Gold Guide that I use represents all other on-demand items on the Auction House. BUT, as in any business, by applying this method you risk losing money, players do not show any interest in what your auctions are, it will take a long time for your auctions to sell and time is money. That is why I am still a fan of pure farming technique, where the profit is always 100%.

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