Web hosting: no credit card required

Have you been looking for a “no credit card required” web hosting service? Most web hosting companies require payment in advance by credit card. It can be quite frustrating. Not having a credit card can seriously limit your options. There are solutions to this problem.

Find a host that offers 30-day billing.

One option is to look for web hosting companies that offer 30-day billing to small businesses. An example would be Blue Ribbon Web Hosting (blueribbonwebhosting.com) which offers monthly billing to US based companies. There are other options as well.

Find a free web host.

There are many web hosting companies that will offer free web hosting, within limits of course, if you allow them to run ads on your website. This can be frustrating for a business site, because the ads they post are likely to be for one of their competitors. You’ll also find that there is very little flexibility in setting up your website the way you want it. Ads can also annoy your visitors. You won’t be able to complain about server outages either, since you’re not a paying customer. However, if you just need a website for your small civic group or a website that won’t get a lot of traffic, they will offer web hosting with no credit card required.

You may also consider using one of the many free blog sites available.

Free blog sites aren’t great for business, but if you just want to post your vacation photos or a personal poetry collection, they’re certainly a good option. The easiest free blog sites to sign up for are WordPress and Blogger. Free blog sites have built-in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors, so there’s no need to learn anything about building a website. With no training requirements, you can have your publications online in just a few minutes. You won’t even need to purchase a domain name, as a sub-folder will be assigned for you to use. This makes the URL hard to remember, but it works.

ACH debits are another option for lodging that does not require a credit card.

Some hosting companies will automatically debit your checking account once a month for your web hosting fees. Some people have had bad experiences getting the company to stop taking debits after closing their websites, this is not an extremely good option. There is also the risk of sharing your private banking information over the Internet with a company you don’t know. Always check references before giving out your banking information online, or set up a separate account just for that purpose.

PayPal is an alternative to credit cards that will work with many web hosts.

PayPal is an online payment system that most people use with eBay. You can fund your PayPal account from your checking account and then have them pay for your web hosting services for you. If you need web hosting without the need for a credit card, PayPal can be a good solution. The best option for the business is probably direct billing through a vendor credit relationship. For people, PayPal would be the way to go.

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