How Do Maui Fire Lawyers Investigate the Cause of a Wildfire?

Maui Fire Lawyers Investigate the Cause

Often, homeowners who suffer losses from a wildfire find that their insurance doesn’t completely cover all of the damages they have suffered. They need compensation to rebuild their homes, restore their yards, or replace damaged belongings. That’s why it is important for people whose lives have been affected by a wildfire to investigate their options. In some cases, they may have legal claims against utilities and insurance companies.

As investigators dig into the cause of a wildfire, they can gather clues from witnesses, examine photos and videos, and even visit the site where a fire started. However, there are certain steps that every wildfire investigation should follow in order to be effective.

The first step is to determine what caused the fire to start. This can be done by talking to neighbors and other residents of the area. Ask about the common activities in the area and what types of vehicles, equipment, or machinery are present. This will help you eliminate or substantiate potential causes of ignition.

How Do Maui Fire Lawyers Investigate the Cause of a Wildfire?

In the case of the Maui fire, it is believed that a power line that fell was responsible for starting the blaze that destroyed the town of Lahaina. Maui fire lawyers have been sending investigators to the island to examine the evidence, interview eyewitnesses, and look at utility equipment that remains. The law firms involved in the investigation include Watts Guerra, Singleton Schreiber, and Frantz Law Group. These are the same firms that won a $13.5 billion settlement against California utility company PG&E for its role in deadly wildfires in that state.

Once an investigation team is on the ground, they can also review aerial videos and photos to see what areas are burning and how the fires have progressed. They can also look for signs of an ignition source, such as charred vegetation or burned roadways. Additionally, they can take samples of the soil to test for its flammability.

When examining the area, it is crucial to remember that there are many things that can ignite a wildfire. If there are several potential sources of ignition, investigators should focus their attention on one that can be eliminated or substantiated quickly.

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One of the best methods for determining an ignition source is to use an infrared camera. Infrared cameras can see heat and detect embers of a wildfire, which are invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, they can detect the presence of gasses such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

If a tree trunk or stump is left after a wildfire, it will have what is called cupping. This means the side of the stump that was exposed to the wildfire will have a sharper point than the other side. In addition, the surface of the stump will be hot to the touch, and this can indicate a source of ignition.

The Maui fires have left a lot of destruction in their wake, including homes and businesses that were lost and numerous historic sites. If you have suffered losses in the aftermath of this disaster, consider consulting with a Maui fire lawsuit attorney.

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