Property investment in Cyprus, real estate in Cyprus

With a multitude of financial reasons to invest in a property in Cyprus or multiple properties and a host of other factors that make this without a doubt the most attractive place in all of Europe to invest. This is not simply a biased interpretation or view. Many of the leading UK property analysts are praising Cyprus as the best investment destination for many years. Many of the major UK newspapers have recently been covering the Cyprus issue. There is a vibrant economy and large scale investment for the future with the only stable economy in Europe and beyond. Property prices remain realistic despite the great popularity of the islands! There are also tax breaks to please any investor, including exemption from capital gains tax (to currently include property). Cyprus also has a double taxation agreement with the UK and many other countries too! In some cases, you are also entitled to a tax refund on properties purchased during a certain period! Sweet.

However, the true measure of investment property is the ability to make money from it. This is also another reason to invest here! A very recent Times survey has found this to be the number one destination for overseas property buyers in the world without exception to retire. Added to the torrent of publicity that surrounds the Island and the high demand for properties here (including rentals).

There is no doubt that if you want to treat yourself, this is the best place to spend your money! Most importantly, the Cypriot government has signaled that they will not jeopardize the property market in any way by imposing large-scale taxes or legislation for the long-term benefit of the region, as they are completely satisfied with the system as it is. is and they also plan to promote and invest heavily in infrastructure and tourism over the next ten years!

The tax system from pensions to property is among the best in the world. Mortgages are also very easy to obtain here. There is a wealth of information available to the potential foreign buyer on investing in Cyprus property. You will surely find the property investment opportunity in Cyprus too good to miss. The number of great investors checking here right now is truly amazing!

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