Football (Soccer) Betting Tip – Win by learning from the punting experiences of others

There is a wisdom in soccer betting that a key to achieving long-term profits is in the bets that punters place. LEAVE instead of those who kicked. This can be interpreted as if you lose a good bet, you don’t lose money. On the other hand, if you back a losing pick, you are definitely losing $$$.

Some bettors consider losing to be the prelude to success, as the saying goes “before success comes failure”. It is by learning from the mistakes we make that we improve, since we will learn to do less of what is wrong and more of what is right.

I have the privilege of meeting many of my book buyers and readers of my football betting articles. These people had discussed with me their problems and experiences with takeoffs, and they very kindly allowed me to share these cases in this article. I have decided to highlight five of the cases and for better understanding, they will be presented in the Question and Answer format.


ASK : I’ve been thinking about a strategy where I’ll target a few teams first and then watch the odds move. For example, Team A has an opening fee of 2.10 and then the price drops to 1.90. I will conclude that this will mean that something happened to Team A and they are now considered to have a better chance of winning. What do you think of this strategy?

ANSWER : The price movement could be due to the latest news of the team that the bookmakers consider necessary to adjust the odds. It may also be that a lot of money has been placed on one side of the market, for example the home team, and the bookies have to improve the odds on the away team to entice punters to bet in order to balance their odds. bets. books. In your case, you have to decide if the price of 1.90 is WORTH for you and if so, the market movement should also have given you more confidence in your selection.


ASK : I will start with a bank of $5000 and try to double the bank each year. I know that I must be diligent in doing my analysis and research and only bet on the selections that I am most confident in. I will be placing around 2-5 bets per week, never risking more than 3% of my bankroll, meaning for the first week the maximum total bet amount to place is $150. I feel comfortable knowing that the maximum risk is 3% from my bank. Is my plan feasible or am I just daydreaming?

ANSWER : Your plan is realistic BUT it will only work with discipline and patience, especially in implementing money management rules in the stake plan and stake size. A common mistake many gamblers make is to start by strictly following set rules, but eventually succumb to influences like greed and impatience. When things are going well, they tend to jump on the bandwagon and deviate from the set pattern and double their bet. And when they are down, they will fall into the usual trap of chasing their losses. You mentioned that you are placing 2-5 bets a week. Don’t make hasty decisions just to meet specific bets. You need to have the patience to WAIT for the correct bets they give you WORTH.


ASK : I have been betting on combinations (combined bets or multiple bets) for a while and I have not won a penny. Most of the time I could get 80-90% of my predictions right, but one or two choices would mess everything up. I have always thoroughly researched my bets and never bet blindly. Just last week in a 9-team combine, I was able to hit 8 picks and one bad result completely ruined it.

ANSWER : If you can predict 80% – 90% of the games correctly, then most of your picks are winning predictions. You should easily make consistent profits if you have wagered them individually as SIMPLE BETS (ie a straight bet on a selection to win). When you lumped them all together in one big accumulator, one annoying result is all it takes to screw it up. You have to understand that in a game there are many unforeseen events such as bad weather, red cards, injuries, etc. The potential winnings for high rollers are substantially higher than for single bets, but the chances of winning are correspondingly lower.


ASK : Is it worth concentrating on arbitrage (or surebets) that guarantee a profit every day that is really wonderful?

ANSWER : For arbitrage to be worthwhile, you will need a large betting bankroll to start with, as you have to open accounts with many bookmakers and make the necessary deposit into each account. It also takes a lot of time to check the odds offered by the many bookmakers. Although arbitrage betting is considered risk free, there are sometimes annoying TRAPS especially when you’ve bet on one side of the arbitrage bet and can’t get to the other side because:

* odds have changed

* bookmakers impose trade limits and you cannot bet the amount you would like

* bookmakers refuse to honor the price claiming it was a mistake


ASK : I usually look at the bookmakers’ odds first before choosing my bets. But my best friend doesn’t agree that this is the right thing to do.

ANSWER : I agree with your best friend. He should not be tempted to look at the probabilities beforehand, as it will influence his judgment and decision-making. You must first find a winning selection and calculate your estimated odds. You’ll SO check the prices and bets of the bookmakers ONLY if you find WORTH.


I hope we have all learned something from the previous punt cases. Teach yourself to be a winner and you will be a winner. Learning to win is a process. Don’t be impatient and expect to make a fortune overnight, unless you know something most gamblers don’t OR are exceptionally lucky. Add this virtue called PATIENCE to your betting strategy. It works like a charm.

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