Barbados – Man!

If you ever fulfill a lifelong dream and go to Barbados, I’d love to know if the carvings I etched on a robust aloe vera plant in the desert will still be there. I remember engraving the words Jo was before 2002, I know what you’re thinking, she’s not Walt Whitman. Fortunately, the literary fairy has been much more inspiring in recent years.

Barbados, in my opinion, is the best vacation I have ever had. I took advantage of a special offer on flights and made a reservation for a vacation rental house, if I remember correctly we did the 8 ½ hour flight in early October and only resided on the 14 mile wide x 21 mile long island for seven days. I now fondly remember it in my heart as the best tan, the best weather, the best beaches, the best people, the best beer, and simply the best week of all my vacation experiences.

The people of Barbados, aside from having about 30 dogs each, are obviously smart, well-mannered, and most of all, fun. The great sense of humor that they all possess means that all of their excursions are especially memorable.

My favorite day was a short taxi ride to explore the underground caverns called “Harrison’s Caves.” We tried to take a look a day earlier, but the workers were on strike, which is a regular occurrence by all accounts. The views are breathtaking, with waterfalls and deep turquoise pools, not to mention the exhilaration of gazing at the stalactites and stalagmites from the safety of your tram!

The other unforgettable experience was joining Fish Friday. It will sound totally depressing, but let me assure you, it was an amazing night and one that I will remember with total joy forever. As you pull up, it looks like an empty outdoor parking lot, open to the elements and surrounded by little shacks selling their wares. Everyone drinks the famous Banks beer and why the hell not, it’s delicious and after you’ve filled up on fresh fish and chips you can hit the track to keep up with it. The DJ, undercover, was fortunately not exposed to the pouring rain!!!! But no one and I really mean no one cared! Drenched hair became the new fashion statement and you were nobody unless you sported wet hair that seemed to stick to your face while you danced.

For me, Barbados is a place that I have no hesitation in recommending. I promise you, rent one of the luxurious properties of select vacation villas, book for at least two weeks, lie back on the soft white sands and turquoise waters and make sand angels… You will not regret it!

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