BMW M3 Competition Price & Specs

Price & Specs

The BMW M3 has long been a dominant force in the luxury sport sedan class. The current version builds upon that legacy with a wide array of options and a racy styling. While its comfort might not be on par with a 7 Series, the M3 is well-suited to daily life thanks to its family-friendly saloon body style.

A hefty dose of power and a suite of driver aids round out the package. Our test car was spruced up with the M Carbon bucket seats and Edition 50 Jahre paint, which brings the price to an eye-watering $101,195.

If you’re a hardcore bmw m3 specs buyer, you’ll want to opt for the Competition model. This version adds a host of performance upgrades, pushing output to 543 hp and slashing the weight by 75 pounds with a host of lightweight components. Those include the titanium muffler, lighter wheels (an inch bigger front and rear than standard), and sticky high-performance tires. Cast aluminum strut braces and special tuning for the M drive systems further aid rigidity.

BMW M3 Competition Price & Specs

BMW claims the M3 CS can hit 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of 189 mph. The all-wheel drive system is tuned to help you exploit the car’s massive torque and shuffles power front to rear depending on what mode you select via the Drive Control menu. You can even shut off the system entirely to enable rear-wheel drive only if you like.

Our tester also sported the M carbon-fiber roof and rear spoiler for a decidedly more extreme look. And if you want to get serious about track days, you’ll want the M drive dynamics professional option that gives you a full-range of driving modes plus a racecar-style ten-stage traction control system.

With the M3’s racy looks, powerful engine, and superb handling, it’s easy to see why it has earned such a devoted following. But its stiff ride and lack of rear legroom might keep it from being the ideal daily driver for everyone. Thankfully, there’s an abundance of talented alternatives in this segment, including the Audi RS 5, Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing, and Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

To complement its powerful engine, the BMW M3 features a well-tuned chassis and suspension system that provides exceptional handling and ride quality. The chassis of the M3 is designed to be stiff and responsive, with various lightweight materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, used to reduce weight and improve agility.

The M3 is equipped with a high-performance suspension system that can be further enhanced with the optional Adaptive M Suspension, which allows drivers to adjust the ride comfort and handling characteristics to their preferences. The M3 also comes with M compound brakes as standard, ensuring exceptional stopping power to match its impressive acceleration.

The 2023 BMW M3 has a lot going for it, but the hefty price tag might turn off some buyers. Our test car’s $101,195 price isn’t out of the ordinary for the burgeoning exotic car market, either. A similarly specced Audi RS 5 or the new Mercedes-Benz C63 S E-Performance plug-in hybrid will cost you nearly as much. Even so, the M3 is still a worthy contender and one of our favorite models to drive. Its stout chassis and ultra-quick steering make it an absolute joy to punt around the racetrack or canyon road. Just don’t plan on taking it to the mall. Our review of the 2020 BMW M3 Competition xDrive includes photos, specs, prices, and video.

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