Best ways to use Linkedin Sales Navigator for Sales Prospecting in 2022

LinkedIn is among the most used tools among sales and marketing organizations. It is 277% more efficient for the generation of leads as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

Today, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps sales professionals create quality campaigns that result in sales. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be described as the most expensive version of LinkedIn which is priced at more than $64.99 per month.

Sales Navigator uses its features that help you determine a distinct business value proposition. Then, you are able to offer a solution that is based on the requirements of your clients.

In this article, you’ll find out nine LinkedIn Sales Navigator tips and tricks that will convert your leads into customers.

Search, Save, And Monitor Key Accounts

LinkedIn Sales Navigator acts as an effective lead-building tool that helps sales reps understand how their sales pipeline is performing. To do this, the LeadBuilder search provides the most relevant and precise sales pipeline. Let’s look at the steps, to begin with

  • Select the LeadBuilder tab right next to the search box.
  • You’ll land on a search page with advanced features.
  • Select from more than 20 filters (company name, job title industry, size of company, and geographic location) to narrow down the leads you’re seeking.
  • Save all leads that are relevant from the results of your search for making your list. This will allow you to get notified when new leads that match those requirements appear within the system. This will mean that you won’t need to repeat the same searches repeatedly.
  • sales Navigator will then show you filtered prospects in your newsfeed which you can track any updates or changes made through it.

Additionally, it will allow you to keep track of updates and make connections when you’re in the mood to contact someone via InMail.

View Similar Leads

Another important aspect that is a part of Sales Navigator is that you are able to use it to conduct LinkedIn prospecting. This means you can locate leads that match your ideal prospects.

  • Simply click on the “ellipsis symbol which is located right near the save button.
  • Click View Similar.
  • You’ll get a list of leads similar to that match what you’re trying to find.

Use TeamLink and Identify Connections

Teamlink connections filter can help sales professionals identify prospects who have a first- or second-degree relationship with them. This aids by identifying leads who are warm and paving your way to the sale.

You can save the TeamLink search if you do not have any connections currently. You’ll be notified when your coworker is connected to any of the leads you have. You don’t need to go back and forth to find any updates within your network.

Use Tags and Notes To Organize Prospects

To keep track of those involved in the purchasing process, or to keep track of personal information sales navigators allow users to save notes and tag leads to help them remember important information.

This feature prevents confusion and helps keep track of all the major players in the account. Also, be sure to include tags or make notes for each lead on your feed.

Apply Advance Search Filters

Utilize advanced search filters for your search by using the titles, keywords, and business fields that allow you to conduct boolean searches.

  • KeywordsSearch for relevant keywords from the profiles of your potential customers.
  • Geography – Search for prospects in a particular location or area.
  • Title – Search for the title of a position, for example hiring managers or CEOs.
  • Size of the company Select how big the business depending on whether it is an established company or a start-up.

For a basic lookup, you will find more than 6,409 results that can be found on LinkedIn. After you’ve got your results, you can use the easy personalization form to begin connecting directly to them through LinkedIn.

Send Linkedin InMails to leads

InMails is LinkedIn’s email-based version which allows you to contact your specific prospects through carefully designed LinkedIn inMails. Find out more about your prospect and write an individual message that connects with your lead quickly.

If, for instance, you have a prospect who recently shared an article on trends in marketing Your rep could discuss their thoughts on the article and explain how they can assist.

Create a captivating subject line, then write your email around the needs of your prospect by having a brief conversation with them to make sure that your email is concise and easy to read.

Keep in mind that you’ll get very limited InMail credits based on the subscription. Don’t send thousands of messages you could accomplish using standard email.

Use Bluebird Search

“Bluebird search” is a term used to describe leads or happy customers who were previously associated with your products or services, but are part of a news company. Therefore, if you wish to regain them, your sales reps can utilize to use the “past and not present” filter to identify those leads.

Optimize Your Profile

Sales reps must enhance their LinkedIn profiles to stand out from the other users of the platform. The profile is a representation of the brand they represent and your company’s brand. Keep in mind that 82% of potential customers research companies on LinkedIn prior to responding, so you can make an impression that is positive.

Enhance your profile by:

  • Professional headshots of top quality or photo
  • Your job title or title
  • Headline with value promise
  • Your contact details
  • Summary
  • Experienced and detailed

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups is the best method to utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator to prospect. It is possible to locate your ideal market through LinkedIn Groups. With the base version, there are groups for you to be a part of, engage in discussions, share your thoughts and establish yourself as an authority within your industry.

With a sales navigator, you can utilize the filter Groups to find leads based on the date your leads were a part of the group.

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