How Can Students Request Furnishings For Their Rooms in the Accommodation?

Students Request Furnishings For Their Rooms in the Accommodation

Student room furnishings include a bed and mattress (extra-long twin), bureau, desk and desk chair for each resident as well as a mirror, bookcase, waste container and either a closet or armoire, depending on the individual hall/apartment. Students may not move furniture between rooms or change the layout of their furnished room without permission from the Residence Life & Housing staff. In doing so, you create a safety hazard for yourself and your housemates and risk the cost of replacement items.

During the course of your stay in The University of Akron residence halls, we encourage you to make your Hull student accommodation a comfortable home away from home. You are permitted to decorate your room with posters, pictures and other decorations as long as they do not damage the walls or furniture. If you hang a poster or other decoration with fasteners that leave holes in the wall or wood surfaces upon checkout, you will be charged for the repair of these damages.

Poster putty and 3M removable hook products are recommended for use on your walls to prevent damage to the paint and woodwork. Any item that might be considered a fire hazard or a nuisance to others, including candles, hoverboards and octopus lamps, is not allowed in your room. A list of prohibited items can be found in the residential policies.

How Can Students Request Furnishings For Their Rooms in the Accommodation?

All residents must comply with residential guest policies and may not host overnight guests unless approved by the resident director of your house. Residents who do not comply with these policies risk student conduct action. Students who wish to have a significant other live with them during the academic year must be accompanied by their parent/guardian. The significant other must agree to adhere to the residential guest policy and sign a guest form with their resident director.

If you are a student with a disability and need to bring specific furnishings to your room in the Hull student accommodation, please contact the Moses Center for Student Accessibility in accordance with the Request for Reasonable Accommodation process. Medical documentation is required to support your request.

Safety and security remain critical considerations in student accommodation. Recognizing the need to provide a secure environment, accommodations have implemented various measures to ensure the well-being of their residents. This may include the installation of security cameras, access control systems, and the presence of on-site security personnel. Students and their families can have peace of mind knowing that their living environment is equipped with measures to deter and respond to potential risks. Creating a safe living space allows students to focus on their studies and fully immerse themselves in the university experience.

If you have a medical emergency and need to host a guest, we recommend that you request a temporary guest pass from your resident director. You will need to provide them with a doctor’s note and a copy of the visitor’s insurance card. The resident director will decide if the guest can remain in your room based on the circumstances and the impact to the other residents in the house. In some cases, the resident director may require that the guest leave your room.

If a guest is not allowed to stay in your room, the resident director will notify you. You can then make arrangements for the guest to sleep in a common area or hotel. Please be mindful of the noise level and respect your housemates’ privacy when hosting a guest. Failure to follow the resident director’s instructions may result in the guest being asked to leave your room and/or the premises.

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