OK City Zoo Amphitheater

The OK City Zoo Amphitheater is home to live music and is part of the Oklahoma City Zoo, the oldest in the Southwest. The zoo offers a lot of excitement to children and adults alike. One of the top attractions Oklahoma City has to offer, the zoo is home to an abundance of exotic species and more than 100 beautifully landscaped areas. The zoo also features special exhibits that are basically specific locations like the Great Escape, Cat Forest, Island Life, Butterfly Garden, and Aquatics, each dedicated to a certain category of animal. In addition to all these attractions, the OKC Zoo Amphitheater thrills the public with its live music performances.

Musicians who have performed at the amphitheater include Paul Rodgers, Willie Nelson, Velvet Revolver, Beach Boys, Carole King, and Snoop Dogg. Sold out concerts are a regular feature here. One of the reasons for the popularity of the OKC Zoo Amphitheater is the great outdoor environment it offers. Lawn chairs and blankets are allowed, allowing the audience to stay comfortable and cozy during the shows. Concession stands serve food and drink.

The OKC Zoo Amphitheater offers more than the basic outdoor experience. Their Gold and Platinum Package, available at $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 respectively, offer the VIP experience. The Gold package provides access to the VIP platform featuring plasma screens, gourmet food bar, full service liquor bar and more. The package also includes General Admission tickets and reserved seats. The Platinum package brings all these features and a laminated VIP pass, plus the chance to get up close and personal with your favorite bands performing here.

It is a great experience offered by the OK City Zoo amphitheater, with live music from big bands and also a fantastic atmosphere. OKC hotels provide transportation services to concerts held at the amphitheater, including the 2009 Summer Concert Series.

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