Do mysterious patterns shape our lives?

Are there “mysterious patterns” in life that shape the events to come?

Emphatically, I don’t believe in divination, astrology, or precognition.

However, there are many strange recurrences of major events that seem to be more than just a coincidence.

Have you ever noticed that plane crashes seem to happen in two or three? Although one shrugs off these cycles as superstition, one event in the news seems to echo similar events.

Scientists are beginning to study this phenomenon in earnest. Meteorologists have detected a 37-year pattern in the climate that assures us practically the current type of humid summers until 1997. A rhythm of sunspots and cosmic rays seems to affect our climate, and the climate affects human behavior.

The great wars seem to follow mathematical patterns. The Boer War, for example, ended in 1902. If you put the numbers 1, 9, 0, and 2 under that year and add, you get 1914, the beginning of World War I. By taking 1919, the treaty year of peace, and adding the numbers 1, 9, 1, and 9, you get 1939, the beginning of World War II.

This same little trick would spell the start of a new war in 1964, but the Indochina War was well under way by then. The mysterious patterns of life are either non-existent or we do not understand them well.

It is a fact that all American presidents who were elected or reelected in the 1840s, 1860s, 1880s, 1940s, and 1960s died in office. However, it will not take a brave man to stand in the 1980 election, as little attention is paid to these strange quirks of circumstance.

Todd Lincoln, the eldest son of President Abraham Lincoln, was urged for 25 years to run for the highest office in this nation. He flatly refused because he had witnessed the only three presidential assassinations in his life. He felt that he was cursed and destined to see death in the presidential office.

Todd’s vaguely felt pattern manifested itself in yet another strange incident. At a railway station he slipped and nearly fell under a moving train. A close stranger grabbed him and no doubt saved his life. The stranger turned out to be Edwin Booth, the actor and brother of John Wilkes Booth, who fired the fatal bullet through Abraham Lincoln’s brain.

History is said to repeat itself, and fateful patterns can be found in almost all systematic human endeavors. Whether these cycles are inevitable and predictable is a matter for speculation.

A few years ago, Dr. Adam Rutherford, president of the Institute of Pyramidology, was popular on the lecture circuit with his predictions based on measurements of the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

Rutherford argued that this larger man-made structure was built as a divination tool. The distance between the niches in the long corridor leading to the burial chamber, he said, is related to specific calendar years.

Rutherford said that his calculations “prove” that the pyramid of Cheops was completed in 2141 BC. Archaeologists generally put the date somewhat earlier, but never before 2700 BC. C.

The year 2141 a. It is represented by lines marked in the entrance chamber of the pyramid, declares Rutherford. Exactly 688 pyramid inches ahead is an opening in the ceiling; obviously a big event is intended. An inch per year gives 1453 BC. C., the date of the Exodus from Egypt.

This marks the beginning of an ascending passage 1485 inches (or years) long. That brings us to AD 33 – the Crucifixion.

Dr. Rutherford’s father, an Egyptologist who got his son interested in the subject, deduced in 1893 that an ominous event of great magnitude would occur in 1914. He calculated this from the length of the great gallery in the pyramid 1.881 inches (or years) from the end of the passage in AD 33 The event, of course, was the First World War.

The last time he was heard from, Dr. Rutherford was predicting World War III before 1979, when measurements show the beginning of a long, perhaps permanent period of peace on earth. Neither communism nor the United Nations would be there by then, according to the inches of the pyramid; but, Rutherford added, they won’t be needed.

Theologians find significant patterns in the Bible, and many otherwise boring sermons are animated with predictions of the end of the world and eternal paradise.

The current conflict between Israel – the returned Jews – and Egypt is seriously viewed by many ministers as the fulfillment of prophecies of more than two thousand years.

Divine revelations? Salon tricks? Natural patterns?

What do you think?

July 29, 1970


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