The Handy SoundHound app, now available on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation

If you own a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC Sensation, you will certainly be impressed with the tasks that they are capable of accomplishing. One of the benefits of owning a smartphone is that you can use it to replace an MP3 player and store and listen to your music collection using just your phone.

Smartphones are ideal music devices, but they are also capable of some tasks that an MP3 player could never do. In this article, I will discuss the SoundHound app that is available for free on Android Market.

What is SoundHound?

It is an application that allows users to identify songs that now have no title or artist. It uses a database of millions of songs that intelligently recognizes a song and will then search this database for a match.

How it sounds?

Using SoundHound couldn’t be easier. When the application is opened, the interface is very simple. There is a large SoundHound logo in the middle of the screen. Just place your phone near the source of the music, be it a speaker, computer, or TV, and tap on the icon. The application will activate and search for a match within the database. Because Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation can connect to the Internet in almost any location, the application will search the online database and present the results in a few seconds.

Is it accurate?

In a word, yes! As of writing this article, I tested the app using my HTC Sensation, on 10 random songs of various genres using a laptop’s speakers. Of these 10 songs, 9 were successful, so there is a chance that it will recognize most of the songs as long as the sound from the speakers is clear enough.

SoundHound may not be able to recognize all songs, but to get an idea of ​​the size of its database, there is an interesting comment about it on Android Market, where one user claims that it can even recognize Japanese songs. Although this is not an essential application, it is worth downloading as it is free, and I am sure that most people have been in a situation where they have heard a song that they liked but did not know the artist title. If you are the proud owner of an Android smartphone like the HTC Sensation or Samsung Galaxy S2, this is a useful addition to your collection of apps.

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